Tell members of Congress to stand up for our children, working families, child care providers, and our economy by supporting the Child Care for Working Families Act Child care teachers need to earn at least $15/hour and the chance to form a union and parents need access to affordable care options. That’s still the goal […]

CT child care teacher in the Fight for $15 praises introduction of new child care legislation

Ingrid Henlon, a head teacher at Mount Olive Child Development Program in Hartford, Connecticut, spoke at the press conference announcing the Child Care for Working Families Act, which represents a gigantic step on that path towards the child care system we children, families, and workers deserve. This bill will raise standards, cap parents’ child expenses […]

New report recommends investing in child care, home care to create jobs, grow our economy

The Georgetown Center on Poverty and Inequality released a new study Wednesday, May 31, 2017: “Building the Caring Economy: Workforce Investments to Expand Access to Affordable, High-Quality and Long-Term Care.” The paper makes several policy recommendations to create jobs, including raising pay for child care and home care workers; increased public investment; increased training and […]