Child care providers at the April 14th day of action


On April 14th, child care providers stood with fast-food, home care, and other underpaid working people to demand $15/hour and union rights. In 20 cities, more than 1,000 leaders and activists in the Child Care Fight for $15 movement led marches, lobbied lawmakers, and held walk-a-days, panel discussions and press conferences. It was our biggest day of action yet! We could see yellow shirts from coast-to-coast.

Crystal Williams who works at Mount Olive Child Development Center in Hartford explained why she participated in the April14th actions. “I’m doing the Fight for 15 not just for myself, but the parents that I provide care for…I talk to parents, and I see that they have similar struggles with making ends meet, paying the bills that they have to pay.”

Take a look at the must-see highlights and some of the best photos from across the country.

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From Child Care Fight For $15