The Union is a Family for Me

Everyone knows that educating very young children—from infancy to the time they head to kindergarten—is no easy task. Massachusetts Family Child Care Provider, Yisel Lizardo, will tell you.

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She continually deals with situations that arise on the job, creates new and engaging curriculum, meets countless regulations and helps parents with their personal circumstances. Without a doubt, it’s draining work, and she does it all while providing for her own family and working without personal leave or paid sick days.

But Yisel does it because she loves it and because she believes every child should have a fair chance to start life with an early learning foundation. Really, forYisel, it’s all about equal opportunity.

When family child care providers and child care center teachers stand together to support universal access to quality early learning, everyone wins. Families win. Children win. Child care providers and teachers win—we all do.

Across the country, early education and care professionals, like Yisel, are raising their voices to demand a better, more accountable system that will enable parents to establish themselves in the economy, prepare children for continued learning in kindergarten, and raise wages for their profession.